Kant - die Band

About the Band

  • There is Ole on the drums

  • Elena is playing Bass

  • and Marius on guitar and of course vocals


Ole and Marius know each other for a long time and they were looking for someone playing bass. Elena just came around and started playing around with a guitar which was laying around. But there was already a guitar-player, and they just asked her if she could also play the bass. "I'll try" was the simple answer. One week later she bought her first bass. That was in July 2018.

All songs are written and composed by themselves. That is done best in their own rehearsal room. The Name of the band was simply created from Ole - his familiyname is Kant.

Since then there were several concerts ond some more are already booked.

The first appearances on stage were at JUZ and Jukuz in Aschaffenburg, at Open-Air of Maria-Ward-Schule. Also first visits at local radiostation have been made and they played a concert during streaming rain on Fridays-For-Future. It is growing. They also already played at Umsonst und Draussen in Würzburg and had their first concert at the famous Goldene Krone in Darmstadt.